Invaluable URLs

This is my old listing of links, please visit my new.

Great Domino Blogs

Alex Hernandez
Anthony Connell
Anthony Hicks
Ben Poole
Bruce Elgort
Chris Miller
Colin Williams
Declan Lynch and his BlogSphere
Chris Toohey
Ed Brill, and his Lotus weblog
Ed Falcon a.k.a. madJUNK
Ferdy Christant
Henning Heinz
Jake Howlett and his Codestore (alt. DNS 1, alt. DNS 2)
Joe Litton
John Z Marshall
John Vaughan
Julian Robichaux
Justin Knol
Laurent deWalick, and his test site
Libby Ingrassia Schwartz a.k.a Notesgirl
Michael Braly
Mike Golding and his Notestips plus test site
Steve Castledine and his Domino Blog
Volker Weber

Other Notes & Domino Sites

Breaking Par Consulting, lots of useful tips
Christoph Arras (alt. DNS) and his superb News4 Notes
Console reference, notes.ini reference and registry reference at DrCC
Darren Davison, interesting Java articles
Joshua Jore’s LotusScript snippets
OpenNTF, Notes Open Source Community
Lotus Developer Domain

Great Blogs

Mark Pilgrim
Ned Batchelder


Alphaworks, IBM´s playing ground
Apache Jakarta, great open source projects
Netbeans, a great open source IDE

HTML, XML, CSS, Open Source etc.

Sourceforge, lots of open source projects
GNUheter, GNU news in Swedish.
New GNU releases
w3schools, great (but sometimes too simple) tutorials about HTML, XML, CSS and more.