What is the $fields in design documents?

Updated 2003-01-08 with information from Donna Dixon. Thanks!

Field Possible values Used by Description
$ACTIONS ? ? ?
$AssistAction Agent, Script Library The source of a LotusScript agent. Lines are terminated by a chr(10). In a Java library, contains the names of the JARs.
$AssistAction_Ex Agent The compiled code of a LotusScript agent.
$AssistDocCount ? Agent ?
$AssistFlags E Agent? ?
s Agent? ?
$AssistInfo ? Agent ?
$AssistLastRun ? Agent ?
$AssistQuery ? Agent ?
$AssistRunInfo ? Agent ?
$AssistTrigger 1 Agent Scheduled on more than once a day
4 Agent Manual agent
5 Agent New or modified docs
$AssistType ? Agent ?
$AssistVersion ? Agent ?
$Body Subform, Form, Shared field ?
$Class All Contains the template database name that the design element inherits from
$Collation View ?
$Collection View ?
$Comment All The comment of a design note, entered in the property box.
$DefaultLanguage Icon ?
$DefaultWebLaunchPage Icon The page to launch on web when visiting this database.
$DesignerVersion ? All The version of the client that created the note
$Fields ? Form, Subform ?
$File Agent, Script library In Java agents and libraries, the source code is put in a $File and the file name ”%%source%%.jar”, and the compiled code in a $File and the file name ”%%object%%.jar”.
$Flags ! All? Indicates this design element supports the ”Notes Global Designer” multilingual addin?
@ Form ?, Applet Shared Java resource?
# Frameset Frameset note
1 Icon ?
2 Icon ?
3 All Will be hidden from V3 clients
4 All Will be hidden from V4 clients
5 Filter ”Q5″= hide from V4.5 search list, ALL OTHER: notes stamped with this flag will be hidden from V5 client
6 All Will be hidden from V6 clients?
7 All Will be hidden from V7 clients?
8 All Will be hidden from V8 clients?
9 All Will be hidden from V9 clients?
0 All ALL: notes stamped with this flag will be hidden from the client usage is for different language versions of the design list to be hidden completely?
a View Antifolder view (?)
A SubForm? Add?
B ? Background?
c Icon, View? Calendar style view?
C Form If set, does not show up in the Create menu.
f Agent, Icon ?
d View Default view
D Form Not used in query by form?
e View Public antifolder view?
E Icon Email?
f Agent? V4 agent?
F View V4 folder view
G Navigator Navigator/ViewMap/GraphicView?
H Form The form is placed in the ”Other…” dialog
i Image resuorce ?
I Agent ”If document has been pasted”-agent
j Agent Java agent with source code
J Agent, Script Library Java resource
L Agent LotusScript agent
l View Deleted documents view?
m Filter?, Outline Site map?
M Filter? Stored full text query and macro?
n Form If set, hidden from Notes users.
N Form Subform is listed when making a new form?
O Filter? V4 search bar query object?
o View Personal on first use, store in desktop file
p View Private copy of a ”Private on first use” view
P All, except: Icon, About and Using document If set, ”Prohibit design refresh or replace to modifiy” is set.
Q Filter?, Frameset Full text query only, no filter macro?
q Filter? Search part of this agent should be shown in search?
R Icon, About and Using document If set, ”Prohibit design refresh or replace to modifiy” is UNSET.
r All If set, ”Propagate this prohibitation of design change” is set.
s Script Library Global script library
S Agent Scheduled background V4 agent
t Database Script A databas script note
T View Categorized on the ”Categories” field
u Agent Agents that are ”Run as web user”
U Form Subform note
V All Private design element stored in the database
w Page If set, hidden from Web users.
W Page, Form Webpage?
x Subform : indicates whether we should render a subform in the parent form
X Filter? V4 agent data note?
y ? Shared actions note
Y All Indicates that the design element should be hidden from menu?
z Icon ?
Z All? Used to indicate design element was hidden before the ”Notes Global Designer” modified it. (used with the ”!” flag)?
$FlagsExt ? Agent ?
$FlagsNoRefresh ? Icon ?
$Fonts ? Page ? ?
$FormFormula The form formula View ?
$Formula ? View ?
$FormulaTV Time values exists in view – @Today or @Now is used. View ?
$FormulaClass ? View ?
$HTMLHeadTag Form The contents of the ”HTML Head Content”.
$HTMLBodyTag Form ?
$HTMLCode Form ?
$IconBitmap Icon ?
$ImageData Image resource ?
$ImageNames Image resource The file name of the image resource
$ImagesColorize Image resource ?
$ImagesHigh Image resource ?
$ImagesWide Image resource ?
$Info Form ?
$Index View ”/P=” + the number of hours until discarding of the view index.
”/T” Discard view index after each use.
”/M” Manual refresh.
”/O” Automatic refresh.
”/R=” + the number of seconds between automatically refresh of view.
$Links Doc links? ?
$MachineName Agent Scheduled agents, the server name that the agent should run on.
$PublicAccess 1 All Entries in the ACL with ”Public Access” can read these notes.
0 Entries in the ACL with ”Public Access” can not read these notes.
$Readers All The users / groups that are allowed to read this note.
$RevisionsLimit Icon ?
$$ScriptName Subform ?
$ScriptLib Script library The LotusScript source in Script Libraries.
$ScriptLib_O Script library The LotusScript executable.
$Signature All From the user that signed the note.
$SubForms Form The names of all subforms in a form.
$Title All The name of the design note, including aliases.
$UpdatedBy All The name of the user that last updated the note.
$UpdatedByLimit Icon ?
$V5ACTIONS Shared actions ?
$ViewFormat View ?
$WebFlags H Page, Form Design element is ”Treat content as HTML”
$WindowTitle Form, Page The ”Window Title” formula.

Some information in this table is from the DbDesign script library found at LDD Sandbox, created by Damien Katz, damien_katz AT iris DOT com.

Another table with $-fields, written by Justin Freeman

Justin Freeman has a list of ”Special $$Fields, Reserved Fields and Special $Design Elements”.