Show design elements in a view

I found an interesting old article at Dominopower, that explains how to modify a view to get design elements to show up in it. Unfortunately, the link to example database seems to be broken, so I will share what I have found out here.

Why would I want a view to show design elements? It is very useful, because you can use views instead of calling the C API to get information from the design elements.

I don´t know much about the C API, so the following might not be the best way of doing it. If you read the article mentioned above, you may have use of the following formula, that should be in the view, and be categorized.

 f:=$Flags; @If( @Contains(f; "#"); "Frameset"; @Contains(f; "@"); "Applet"; @Contains(f; "i"); "Image Resource"; @Contains(f; "m"); "Outline"; @Contains(f; "W"); "Page"; @Contains(f; "CUA"); "Subform"; @Contains(f; "s") & @Contains(f; "j"); "Script Library\Java"; @Contains(f; "s") & @IsAvailable("$ScriptLib"); "Script Library\Lotus Script"; @Contains(f; "j"); "Agent\Java"; @Contains(f; "L"); "Agent\Lotus Script"; @Contains(f; "f"); "Agent\Formula"; @IsAvailable("$Fields") & f!=""; "Form"; @Contains(f; "3FYV"); "Private Folder"; @Contains(f; "3FY"); "Shared Folder"; @Contains(f; "Y"); "View"; @Contains(f; "t"); "Database Script"; @IsAvailable("$Body"); "Shared Field"; @IsAvailable("IconBitmap"); "Icon"; "(Unknown)" ) 


Christoph Arras sent me the link to the example files. Thanx Christoph!