FarCry Console/Server Commands

Well, this is not a normal developer article.. It’s just all (?) console commands that can be used in the game FarCry, from UBI soft. It was generated in version 1.3 with dumpcommandsvars command, and generated this list as the file consolecommandsandvars.txt in the FarCry directory. Some of the commands are further explained at TweakGuides.

Game commands

  • connect the.farcry.server.com – connects to the specified server
  • listplayers – list all players with their id’s, to be used to ban or kick players
  • callvote kick 1 – call for a vote to kick player id 1
  • callvote map mp_airstrip – call for voting of changing map to mp_airstrip
  • callvote restart – call for voting of restart the current map
  • vote yes – votes yes on the called vote (not needed if you were the one who called the vote…)
  • vote no – votes no on the called vote (not needed if you were the one who called the vote…)
  • cl_netstats 1 – shows network statistics in multiplayer
  • cl_netstats 0 – hides network statistics in multiplayer
  • VARIABLE ”” – unsets the variable

Admin commands

  • cl_rcon_password = MYSECRETPASSWORD – sets the password to use when connecting to the remote control on the server
  • rcon listplayers – list players on the server

Some good explanations of the server settings/commands can be found at the UBI forum.

Punk buster commands

  • PB_MyGuid – shows your GUID that is your unique ID (generated from your CD key) and used by for instance Clanbase
  • PB_PList – list all player’s GUID

All PB commands can be found at Evenbalance at their Punkbuster for players page.

You can find the old commands from the banned 1.2 version in the file named consolecommandsandvars1.2.txt below.