Changing DNS name on a Sametime 6.5.x server

I have recently changed the DNS name of a Sametime server, this is what is necessary to get it working.


This file usually exists in c:winntsystem32driversetc or c:windowssystem32driversetc. Make sure it is updated with the new DNS name of the server. The entries should look something like this: localhost should be replaced with the IP address of your Sametime server, and should be replaces with the new DNS name of the Sametime server.


Usually found in c:LotusDomino. Make sure that the ConfigurationHost and STLINKS_HOST (if it exists) are set to the new DNS name. Here is an example extract:

[Config] [Connectivity]

Server document

There are four fields (actually five, but the fifth is set automatically) that has to be changed:

  • Basics tab, ”Fully qualified host name”
  • Ports tab, Notes Network Ports tab, all ”Net Address” fields
  • Internet Protocols tab, HTTP tab, ”Host name(s)” field
  • Internet Protocols tab, Domino Web Engine tab, ”Host name” field

Web SSO Configuration

Sametime automatically creates a ”Web SSO Configuration for LtpaToken” document on installation. This has to be recreated:

  • Remove the old LtpaToken document
  • Open the server document
  • Press the ”Create Web (R5)…” button and select ”SSO Configuration”
  • Press the ”Keys…” button and select ”Create Domino SSO Key”
  • Enter the correct domain name (without the first host name) in ”DNS Domain”. If your host name is, only enter here.
  • Alter the Token Expiration section to your needs
  • Save the document

Finish the change

Restart the Domino server, and it should work. If you forget to change the LtpaToken document, you will not be able to login…