My HTPC plans are dead, long live KiSS DP-558!

I got tired of my HTPC plans, when I heard of a Linux based DVD-player and HD recorder

I bought the KiSS DP-558 a copule of months ago, and with the latest firmware (1.1.3), it does almost all that I wanted my HTPC to do:

  • Plays DVD, CD, MP3, DivX, VCD…
  • Records TV on the internal harddrive
  • Timeshift
  • Schedule recordings via web, also works fine with my Sony Ericsson P800
  • Online TV program guide
  • Search IMDB
  • Listen to internet radio (Shoutcast streams)
  • Watch DivX, streamed from my PC
  • Play simple games

There are still some bugs, but KiSS are working hard to fix those. They have released two new firmwares in just a month!