Episode III review

As a Star Wars fan, I have long waited until this day. Some spoilers here…

One of my brothers kindly bought a ticket to me for the premier night (thanks miltex 😉 at Heron City in the southern part of Stockholm. The show should have started 23.59, but as always, it was a few minutes late. Some of the staff had made costumes – there was one Leia, one Yoda, a Jabba and R2D2 – and before the movie started, they gave us a show with some sabre fights and dialogue.

I think it’s bad that LucasFilm has translated the texts in the beginning to swedish, it feels childish somehow… It doesn’t sound as cool as in english :-7 Well, they have some theaters here that shows the original. I think I’ll get another ticket in a few days. I love all the space battles, nice movements and great graphics! Ewan McGregor is superb as Obi-Wan. Some of the other actors aren’t as good as the can be. I am a bit disappointed by both Hayden Christensen (Anakin/Lord Vader), Natalie Portman (Padmé), as they are overacting and haven’t got the right feeling. This might be a consequence of mr Lucas’ evil eye or something. Even Samuel L. Jackson (master Mace Windu), who I otherwise adore, is not delivering up to his usual standards.

2 hours and 20 minutes feels a bit short for this movie! They have crammed in so much in it, and I believe that the film could have been split into a III and a III.5, and got the pace more right. In many scenes, we are getting too much information, that we already know, like when Padmé is giving birth to the twins, and syas the name of the babies… It’s too much… It feels like a kid movie when they (erhhmm perhaps he) do that! Why do they always do that in north american movies? I like thinking on my own…

R2D2 and Yoda rocks in this episode! I got quite some laughs when R2D2 did some fighting! James Earl Jones is back, too bad he’s uncredited in his part. No one could have made his part 😀

It’s by far the best episode of the first three, and I recommend you all to see it, if you not already have seen it 😀

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