Take a preview look at my new non-Domino based blog

You can find it at http://johankanngard.net/wordpress/ Why not use Domino anymore, you might ask? Well, it’s time to try something new, and PHP is my current choice. I use WordPress as the blog engine, and will use my own dbfile plugin for handling ”attachments” to blog entries and the Chenpress plugin to get nice input […]

LotusScript Group class

I might be a bit late with this information… The Sandbox has a great Group class that can be used to extract nested group members. I have implemented my own algorithm for this, but the one in the Sandbox contains checking of illegal nested groups (that is group1 is a member in group2 and group2 […]

Sertting up Google Talk with Gaim

Heard about Google Talk yet? Here is an instruction how to get it working in Gaim. Open the Accounts menu item in the Tools menu Click on Add Choose Jabber as protocol At ”Screen name”, enter your username that stands before your @gmail.com account (my is kanngard, since my Gmail account is kanngard@gmail.com) Enter gmail.com […]

No documents found no more

I’ve been on vacation for 4 weeks, and have not had time to update anything. Now I’m back, and hopefully this means that the front page will have some interesting content. 🙂

DB Files plugin for WordPress

WordPress is a blogging tool, and I have created a plugin that lets you store files in MySQL database, instead of the filesystem. I have decided to drop the development of the dbfiles plugin, since WordPress 2.0 handles file uploads smoothly with meta data and such. If anyone is interested in developing it further, please […]

ChenPress downloads

Th ChenPress download site is quite slow (well, mine too :-), so here is a repost of the files needed. ChenPress is nice a plugin for WordPress that incorporates the FCKeditor. Thanks Chen for a great plugin! Also, make sure to check out the ChenPress Google group.

Site down

This site has been down for 3 days, thanks to the ISP having network problems… Sorry about that 🙁

Battlefield 2 has arrived

I love FarCry. But I have found another beauty to play with! I did play a bit of Battlefield 1942 some time ago, but I didn’t like the experience of it. FarCry is in a complete different league, as I think it is more authentic, since you do ”feel” the bullets that hits you, the […]