Vector class in Lotus Script

Here is my Vector class, that makes handling of arrays easier. You also have to use the Enumeration and VectorEnumeration classes that are attached. Use it like this:

 Dim v As New Vector() Call v.addElement("Domino") Call v.addElement("Notes") Call v.addElement("R5") Print "Elements are: " & v.toString() 

You may download and use the code at your own risk.

Added method create(Variant) to create new Vectors from arrays. Added toArray(Variant) to populate an array from a Vector. Added removeAll(Vector) to remove all elements in the current Vector that is found in the supplied argument. Thanks to Andreas Mross for the suggestions! On request, I have changed the license from GPL to LGPL on these files. I have updated the Vector class with a bug fix that Mikkel Heisterberg kindly supplied. The code is now also GPL:ed.