Creating Music

I once had a small music studio, but my interest for creating has disappeared. These are some of the songs I created, and can be downloaded and listened for free.

  • Alloy.mp3, an oldie which I originally created with a Mac as sequencer.
  • WhyU.mp3, I love the sound, a bit boring though…
  • ManWithAName.mp3, fooling around with sounds.

Gear I used to own:

Casio SK-5

A cute little ”sampler”. Bought it together with my brother. {link}

Yamaha PSR-47

I bought it in Santa Barbara (Circuit City) 1990-07-21 by cash ($427.91)! It had MIDI in/out, and I connected it with my Atari 1040STFM and made some music in PRO12! {link}

Roland E-15

Great sounds! I created a lot of stuff on this! {link}

Yamaha SU-10

My first ”real” hardware sampler, it sucked big time! {link}

Akai S2000

Nice sampler which I had put the EB-16 effects card and 32 MB RAM into. {link}

Yamaha CS1x

Nice sounds in multi. {link}

Yamaha CS2x

Great sounds, the follow-up to CS1X! Low pass and high pass filters.{link}

Kawai K1m

Weird, short and sharp sounds! The envelope generator is slow, and makes the sound crackle. {link}

Propellerheads Rebirth

Software synth with a 909, a 808 and two 303:s! Great stuff when playing around with rhythms! {link}

Propellerheads Reason

Ultimate workstation in the computer with mastering, mixer, synths, effects.