Ping with time and date from bash

Here is a little .sh-script to use in bash to ping a server and showing the date and time. (This ”hack” probably only works in Windows.) Great if you want to get a log of the pings that does not reach the destination. I am a beginner in bash, so please let me know if there is another way of accomplishing this… Save the code in a file named and link it to a bin directory. Look at Cygwin if you want to use bash in Windows.

 echo if [ $# -ne 2 ] then echo 'Missing arguments. Usage:' echo ' pingi ADDRESS TIMEOUT' echo echo ' i.e:' echo ' pingi 10' exit 1 fi echo 'Pinging' $1 'with' $2 'seconds as timeout...' date +%Y-%m-%d while sleep $2 do 	echo 	date +%H:%M:%S > out.txt 	echo ' ' >> out.txt 	ping $1 -n 1 | grep -r 'Reply|Request' >> out.txt 	tr -d 'n' < out.txt done