Blog 2003-02-18 20:21:49

On a request from John, I have made a supplement in the About document on how to pronounce the name Känngård. 🙂 If you want to know more about how the name Känngård was born, please visit the site of my father’s brother (or ”uncle” as you english people would say, but how do you […]

Blog 2003-02-16 13:49:27

jonvon talked about trackback / pinback, and I can mention that I am implementing this in Java agents. The thing I got working so far is a referrer checker, that opens up the referrer URL and searches for a link to my pages. I will soon share my knowledge in an article!

Short tip: NotesExceptionRenderer for Log4J

Ever tried the Log4J logging package, and wanted your NotesExceptions to render properly in the log? As you might now, the NotesException class doesn’t implement the getMessage() method (stupid L*tus), and you end up doing a lot of: … } catch (NotesException e) { logger.error(e, e.toString() + ”, ” + + ”, ” + […]

Short tip: Log4J Appender and Configurator for Lotus Domino

Since there have been some recent requests of the Log4J Appender that I have mentioned earlier, I now publish the current source for it here. Please don´t ask me of any documentation other than the one in the present source, because I don´t have any. The files are published under the GPL, so please respect […]