Blog 2004-04-19 00:15:03

Tried installing sshd as a service in Windows XP Professional under Cygwin, but had problems with sshd not finding the host keys. The answer was of course found on the net. If you want to try this yourself, you might take a look at Nicholas Fong’s ”How to install OpenSSH sshd and sftp server on […]

Blog 2004-04-14 10:51:08

My favourite IDE, Netbeans has been released in version 3.6. Many added features, like code folding, extended drag and drop, extended autocomplete and format sourcecode as HTML, has made Netbeans even better.

Blog 2004-04-07 09:17:16

Stumpled upon JMeter, that I have tested during the day, and I am impressed with the amount of things that can be done with it! It is a performance testing/load generating application written completely in Java. It has a nice GUI, so you don’t have to do any programming! The files generated are XML, so […]