My Gentoo installation on VMware (so far)

I’m in the middle of building the system in Gentoo on a VMware Workstation, and it seems to work! The folks at Gentoo has published a great handbook, which I followed.

I chose to start with stage 1, since I have installed some Linux systems before, and wanted to get a deeper insight in how it works. I have a 3.4GHz monster machine, but the building is still a bit slow 😀

Only some small mishaps, like the mirrors that mirrorselect found wasn’t entirely stable, so I had to ad my nearest mirror in /etc/make.conf as GENTOO_MIRRORS=””. In /etc/ i put: en_US/ISO-8859-1 en_US.UTF-8/UTF-8 sv_SE/ISO-8859-1 sv_SE.UTF-8/UTF-8

I’m waiting for the system build to finish. I think it might take all night, so it wont be any FarCry tonight then 😀

Found an article on Gentoo and VMware 4.5. Might be worth reading if you are about to get it a try.