Building an HTPC

A list of my requirements so far.

I am about to build an HTPC. I have not started buying anything, because I want to plan everything in detail and read all there is about it.

  • Good looking box
  • Silent
  • DAB radio reciever
  • HDTV prepared (also progressive scan)
  • DVI output, TV output
  • Digital TV (for Swedish ground-sent tv)
  • Analog TV
  • WLan
  • DVD burner, all formats (DVD+/-R, RW etc)
  • Large hard drive, at least 160Mb
  • Large RAM, at least 1Gb
  • Sound card, 5.1 surround, RCA outputs
  • NIC 10-1000MB/s
  • Remote control
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse, possibly via radio
  • One Firewire port
  • 4-6 USB 2.0 ports
  • (Possible to play CDs, listen to radio etc. without turning the PC on)
  • Linux or Windows?
  • Some media app, like Media Portal
  • Time slip recording