How to get the status of a FarCry server via BeanShell

This is just a small test of UDP-programming in Java and Beanshell.

BeanShell is a fantastic small scripting environment, that will execute any Java expressions. It can also be used to run small ”macro” type files, that actually are uncompiled Java sources.

To get the status of a FarCry server, you have to send a UDP packet with a single byte 0x73 to the gameport + 123. The response are explained a bit at, and is used in Danny Renevos PHP script, which I used to get a grip of the returned values.

I will add more to this code when I have time. Things like parsing out the data would be nice 😀

The parsefarcryping1.0.bsh file is used to parse a status ping file. Can of course be used to directly extract information from the result packet, instead of writing it to file.