DB Files plugin for WordPress

WordPress is a blogging tool, and I have created a plugin that lets you store files in MySQL database, instead of the filesystem. I have decided to drop the development of the dbfiles plugin, since WordPress 2.0 handles file uploads smoothly with meta data and such. If anyone is interested in developing it further, please let me know! The latest source can be found at the Subversion repository.

To install the DB Files 1.0 plugin:

  • Download dbfiles1.0.zip
  • Extract the files in the downloaded archive
  • Upload/copy the extracted folder (dbfiles) to your plugins folder, usually ”wp-content/plugins/”
  • Activate the plugin at the plugin screen. The default table and options are set up automatically
  • Optional: modify the settings in the ’Options’, ’Database File Options’ pane
  • Finito! You are now ready to upload files!

There are more information in the readme.txt file supplied in the archive. In the WordPress support forums, I’ve started a thread that can be useful. You might also be interested in the Subversion repository at wp-plugins.org. For a nice Subversion client for Windows, you might take a look at TortoiseSVN.

Below are some screenshots from my test environment.

Database file manager

Add database file

Edit database file

Database file options