I love F.E.A.R., not as much as Battlefield 2 or FarCry, but as a single player game, it is quite good. I haven’t played any ”horror” game before (I always jumped when the small headcrabs in the first Halflife appeared…), but I love movies like The Ring and The Blair Witch Project, so why not combine a shooter with some horror elements? It actually works, I got frightened a few times already, and I haven’t played it that long.
The AI is quite good, the enemies don’t just run at you, but hides, regroups and sneak on your back, a bit better than in FarCry. Too bad that almost all environments are indoors, as I like both BF2’s and FarCry’s outdoor environments. Indoor enviroments tend to be a bit more linear, but I guess the game wouldn’t be as scary as it is, if it was put in an outdoor environment.
Information about tweaking the settings of the game can be found (as always) at Tweakguides.com.