Lotus Notes/Domino 7 Release at Berns, Stockholm, Sweden

I was at the little happening at the Berns, where IBM presented their new ND7.

The people on stage from IBM were John ”Car salesman” Josefsson, Ken Bisconti, Stefan ”Creaky feet” Pettersson and Anders Kjellner.

Torleif Enderstam from SLL told us what they had done to save money when consolidating 40000 users and several internal mail-systems into Domino and Notes. Very good presentation, though very boring font in the slides, I think it was Courier 😀

I think there was too much shown of the minor improvements of the mail template, and too few nice cool features for me as a programmer! But the event wasn’t only targeted at programmers and IT-specialists. Users, salespeople and other had also been invited 🙂
The DB2 part is all fun, where I can put Domino/Notes data into a real relational database, but why don’t they ship the ”connector” with ND7 for us all to play with?
The most interesting feature, besides DB2 integration, is the web service producer.

As always, I took quite a bunch of photos.

You might want to take a look at the presentations and agenda.