Remove an element in a JavaScript Array

If you know the index of the element to remove, you could use the splice method, like this: var a=[’one’,’two’,’three’,’four’]; a.splice(1,1); // Removes 1 element from index 1 alert(a); // Results in ’one’,’three’,’four’ If you don’t know the index, but the value of the element, you could add a little method to the Array class […]

WinHTTPRequest COM object options constants

I have tried to search for the literal values of some of the options to WinHTTP that handles SSL server certificates errors. In my case I have a development server that has a certificate with the wrong name in it, and I want to ignore the usual ”The host name in the certificate is invalid or does not match” error. At last, I find the values to use!

No documents found, part 2

I thought I wasn’t going to have any of those again, but no! Well, as you might know, I am about to ”convert” to running WordPress. Any day now…