Stack LotusScript class

A useful class for you to use at your own risk. An implementation of a last-in-first-out data structure. Can be used like: Dim stack As New Stack() Call stack.push(”Domino”) Call stack.push(”Notes”) Call stack.push(”R7”) Print ”Stack is: ” & stack.toString() Print ”First: ” & stack.pop() Print ”Second: ” & stack.pop() Print ”Third: ” & stack.pop() ’ […]

Modified Google Analytics WordPress plugin

I’ve been using the Google Analytics plugin, created by Matt Labrum, a while, but it registers also every page view by me. That will give the wrong statistics, and I don’t want that. So, I modified the 0.3 version of the plugin into my own. This is the modified version, which can be set up […]

Upgraded successfully to WordPress 2.0

No problems encountered so far when upgrading from WordPress 1.5 to 2.0. I love the new admin theme! It makes better use of the screen in ”Write Post”! The WYSIWYG editor is quite nice when creating simple posts. It seems like all installed plugins works too!

StringUtils class in Java

Goodies like explode, leftback, rightback, switchcase, implode, middle, trim, unique etc. can be found in this utility class. The Commons Lang project at Apache Jakarta also has some really great stuff. Chad Schelfhout gave me a correction for the implode(Object[], String):String method and the new method word(String, String, int):String.

Mozilla Firefox

I got it via the automatic update system, but it doesn’t mention it on the official website. I found a release candidate of on the FTP site though. Strange… Not so strange after all, it’s all explained in the ”What the heck is with this update?” article at

Newly discovered server console commands

When reading through the Troubleshooting Lotus Domino hangs and crashes, i found some new (for me) interesting commands: show memory dump – dumps memory info to disk tell http debug thread on – writes extensive debug information to disk on every request

XML Parser Performance in LotusScript

I am not Microsoft’s biggest fan, since I was a Macintosh fanatic in the old days, but had to convert into the Wintel platform for about 10 years ago. 🙂 But I have to admit though, when comparing Microsoft’s XML parser with the ones that are built into Notes/Domino, that their products sometimes are great! […]


You might have noticed that none of the sites is working. That is because I have moved the server from my earlier ”ISP” – thanks Ove for your bandwidth and power 🙂 – but the primary DNS entry has not yet been updated. In the meantime, if you wish to access those site, you […] server moved

I thought there should be more problems moving the server! I moved the server from our great ”web hotel” (thanks for the bandwidth and rack space, Ove!) to our house. Mail worked right away, since Henrik (well done!) had added the new IP as an alias in the DNS. The web server will probably take […]