Modified 1.1.4 firmware for KiSS DP-558 with http, telnet and ftp

I’ve had my KiSS DP-558 for some time now, and haven’t used my VHS-recorder since! Recently, I began to get strange behaviours from it. Sometimes, the disk seemed to be full, though I had not anything recorded! Another problem was that every recording was put into subfolders with the same name as the recorded file.
After some searching on MPC Club, I found a firmware that enables http and telnet access to the player! It’s called Stage 2, was created by martinb and can be downloaded in the download section. You have to be a member to access it though.

After the upgrade, I ran the fsck command, and the problems I was having is now gone! Since the player has a Linux dialiect on it, it’s not a user friendly task to do the above, so make sure you read the HOWTO’s for more information.
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