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Johan defeating Darth Vader
I was a key speaker at the first g33k date ever yesterday, and it was Ekakan that held the meeting in their small but great office at Saltmätargatan in Stockholm. Quite a lot showed up, many of which I know by name, but not by face, since they are all bloggers with no pictures at their sites! 🙂 After having slurped down some well-known red-canned sugary liquid, I started my speech using OpenOffice Impress as presenter application. The slides can be found at the bottom of this post. It has not been cleaned up, so some references are to my local file system and applications on my Domino server will not work. I have put the database I used for the web service stuff as an attachment below, but use it at your own risk!
I talked briefly about who I am, what I like, what my shoe size is and other important stuff. A short history on how the web has evolved over time (1.0, 1.5, 2.0) and my own suggestion of the next 3.0 level, which includes web services on the client side. I demonstrated a simple AJAX solution for typeahead with script.aculo.us and Domino and a web service consumer in the browser.
A Midlet with a web service consumer was the next item to show, and it worked as a charm in the emulator!
After my 15 minutes of fame (or rather 40), we had a short drinking and chatting pause.

Joachim Dagerot introduced us into ext.js, a client-side framework with lot’s of goodies like menus, trees, tabbed tables, layouts etc. The framework looked really impressive, and applications based on it was more of a Windows experience. When developing applications with ext.js, almost everything is done in JavaScript, including the templates of the pages. You don’t have to download the complete framework, you can take bits and pieces, if you want only a part of the gadgets.

After more beverages, snacks and more chatting, connections were made, business cards and email addresses exchanged hands. I left rather early though, I hope my fellow bloggers to give the full story 😉 Photos were taking during the meeting, and I would really love to see them, since I didn’t use my own camera.

I hope that this event wasn’t the last of it’s kind in Sweden, it was great fun to see fellow bloggers and geeks!
Thanks for a great event everyone, especially Ekakan who arranged the g33k date!!

Btw, the picture at the top is NOT from the g33k date, it was just a picture I used in the presentation as an illustration of the thin red line between being a geek and a nerd. 😀

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