Bad user experience (again) at

When trying to buy a new map on, I got this message:

Something went wrong::

* No account found with this e-mail address or password

x@y.z however is registered in the NL site. You can either create a new account in the current site – you have to pick a new username/emailaddress – or go back to homepage, choose the correct site from the dropdown on the right-top, then re-enter the items in your basket. You will then be able to logon and associate the order with your existing account

Why don’t they have a universal login to all their shops? And why do my account belong to the Netherlands when I live in Sweden?

When I bought the TomTom Navigator 6 application, my device wasn’t listed on the ”supported device” list, so support has neglected my questions ever since I first tried it, and I will not try any more. I bought the Western Europe map kit with the application, and I had a vacation in Iceland this summer. Strangely, Iceland is not part of western Europe according to TomTom, since it wasn’t included….
Note to self: don’t buy any TomTom products, and only buy products that is supported on my device…