Midnattsloppet 2013 Result

1:03:25 was yesterday’s result, I am so happy I got under 1:05 since I haven’t trained that much.
As always, the course was easy the first 3km, with almost all flat or downhill. The scenery and mood at the water by Norra Hammarbyhamnen always make my feet lighter.
The rsteep clinb up to Sofia church was harder than ever, and my legs hurt alot at the end. No need to walk this year though!
The crowd throughout the race was cheering and pushed everybody along, a lot of artists and bands played at the side. Many Bajen fans with flags sang and shouted (the event is partially held by Hammarby IF or Bajen as they are called).

My Vibram FiveFingers KSO was almost falling apart along the course, but luckily they held all the way. Time to buy some new KSO, perhaps in another color than the previous black?!
The climb up to Mosebacke was also hard this year, was passed by a fast walking man although I ”ran”.
The finish straight was feeling longer than usual, but I managed to keep my pace.
After the finish line, I met my two smaller brothers – Henrik and Niklas (first time runner) – that ran on great times, congrats to you both!

Well executed arrangement as always! See you next year!