Firefox extensions I’m using

So I don’t forget what extensions I am using in Firefox 1.5, here is the list:

  • ShowIP – shows the IP of the current web site in the status bar
  • MeasureIt – measure sizes and lengths using a rubberband
  • Tabbrowser Preferences – some ”must have” additions to tabbed browsing
  • Disable Targets For Downloads – stop getting annoying empty tabs when downloading
  • Web Developer – really useful stuff
  • Console2 – great JS/CSS/XML error console
  • Live HTTP Headers – to see what actually is sent to and from a server
  • PDF Download – makes PDF documents more easy to download
  • Extended Statusbar – more stuff in the statusbar, such as speed, percentage etc.
  • SEOpen – search engine optimization
  • unclosetab – I sometimes close the wrong tab