HOWTO Restart shoutcast if inbound stream is lost

This is a simple way to get Shoutcast restarted (tested in Ubuntu 8.04) if the inbound stream is lost. You need Lynx installed for this to work, there might be better ways of achieving the same result though. To install Lynx: $ sudo apt-get install lynx Put in file in /usr/bin: #!/bin/bash ONLINE=$(lynx -dump […]

HOWTO: Install Shoutcast 1.9.8 on Ubuntu 8.0.4

If you want to stream your own radio station, Shoutcast is an easy solution. This little HOWTO focus only on the server part, and not on the actual audio/feeding client part. I recommend reading ShoutCast Streaming for beginners and Streaming radio with ShoutCast and WinAmp to get the hang of the audio part. Install Download […]