Short tip: Getting a HTML page on the web from LotusScript

This can be used to get a HTML / XML document on the web from LotusScript: Dim req As Variant Set req = CreateObject(”Msxml2.XMLHTTP”) Call”GET”, ”http://server/”, False) Call req.send() Print ”Response: ” & req.responseText The above requires that Microsofts ”MSXML” component is installed. It can be found at Microsofts XML site.

Comparator classes in LotusScript

A Comparator can be used to compare different objects / variables, and is a perfect thing for sorting (explained in a future article). Can be used like this: Dim i As Integer Dim j As Integer i = 10 j = 2 Dim comparator As New BasicComparator() Print, j) …which results in ”1”, because […]

Iterator classes in LotusScript

The Iterator is a convenience class to loop through a set of elements. Related to the Enumeration class (Java folks know what I mean :-). The ArrayIterator is used to loop through a LotusScript array, like this: Dim a(0 To 4) As String a(0) = ”Test 0” a(1) = ”Test 1” a(2) = ”Test 2” […]