Battlefield 2 has arrived

I love FarCry. But I have found another beauty to play with! I did play a bit of Battlefield 1942 some time ago, but I didn’t like the experience of it. FarCry is in a complete different league, as I think it is more authentic, since you do ”feel” the bullets that hits you, the […]

Showing the .cnf file extension in Windows Explorer

I have Windows Explorer showing all file extensions, since I want to know the complete file name. There is one little problem – the .cnf files. They don’t have the extension visible. I have several .cnf files for different applications, and every time I reinstall my computer, I have to remember how to show those […]

Count selected characters macro in JEdit

Reports the number of selected characters to the status bar. The ”Edit”, ”Word count…” dialog does the same, but this macro is great if you are switching buffers a lot. You have to assign a keyboard shortcut to make it work (bug in JEdit?).

View rendered source, a Mozilla Firefox extension

I found another beautiful extension, that shows the rendered source! has a nice document called ”View Rendered Source (Firefox Extension)”. It shows the rendered source, that is very useful if you have JS that creates HTML elements or do some document.write. Great when you are developing dynamic HTML sites. Via Ben Langhinrichs’ post and […]