Blog 2003-03-30 13:23:18

Ed writes on his Lotus blog about the ”next gen” clients, including some info about the ”to be Linux or not to be Linux” Designer issues: Coding, testing, and supporting all these different scenarios, in multiple languages, presents some challenges for a product that is as flexible and capable as Lotus Notes. Given all of […]

Short tip: URL class in JavaScript

This is a custom class for JavaScript, that makes parsing of a URL easier. It is a ”port” of my URL class for LotusScript, and can be used like this: var url=new URL(‘http://joe:pwd@server/ix.html?arg=value#ref’); alert(‘url:’+url.toString()); alert(‘port:’+url.getPort()); alert(‘query:’+url.getQuery()); alert(‘protocol:’+url.getProtocol()); alert(‘host:’+url.getHost()); alert(‘user:’+url.getUserName()); alert(‘password:’+url.getPassword()); alert(‘port:’+url.getPort()); alert(‘file:’+url.getFile()); alert(‘reference:’+url.getReference()); alert(‘path:’+url.getPath()); alert(‘argumentvalue:’+url.getArgumentValue(‘arg’)); alert(‘all arguments:’+url.getArgumentValues()); I have corrected the url.js file, so that […]

Short tip: Base64 decoding / encoding class

Stumbled upon Julian’s Base64 encoding / decoding routines, and rewrote it into a class instead, so the code is more self contained. Use it like this: Dim base64 As New Base64() Dim encoded As String encoded = ”QUJDREVGRw==” print encoded + ” decoded: ” + base64.decode(encoded) dim decoded as String decoded = ”ABCDEFG” Call logger.debug(decoded […]

Blog 2003-03-24 23:27:34

Julian has made some great scripts that formats LotusScript as HTML (or NotesRichText). Textpad can be used to do the same thing, but it is always easier to use LS than a text editor. I am rewriting the script to be more object oriented, and I will publish the finished work in the near future.

Blog 2003-03-13 00:40:12

Via Justin Knol, I discovered yet another Domino blogger, Michael Braly. And another, that I haven’t seen before, Chris Miller. Welcome to the ever growing Domino community, both of you!