View formatted source in Mozilla (with extension)

The Bookmarklet I wrote about is now history. Felix Ritter has written the extension ”View formatted source” to Mozilla Firefox that works even better than the bookmarklet. It has syntax highlighting, folding of tags, expanding of dynamic JavaScript and more.

Getting the document element of a NotesDOMNode

Sometimes you want to get the top level document element (NotesDOMDocumentNode) of a NotesDOMNode. Here is a small function to do that. Public Function getDocumentElementOf(node As NotesDOMNode) As NotesDOMDocumentNode Dim docNode As NotesDOMDocumentNode Dim currentNode As NotesDOMNode Set currentNode = getRootNodeOf(node) Do While Not currentNode.isNull If currentNode.NodeType = DOMNODETYPE_DOCUMENT_NODE Then Set docNode = node Exit […]

Getting the root node of a NotesDOMNode

A simple utility function to use when traversing / parsing a DOM tree. Public Function getRootNodeOf(node As NotesDOMNode) As NotesDOMNode Set getRootNodeOf = node If node.ParentNode.IsNull Then Exit Function Set getRootNodeOf = getRootNodeOf(node.ParentNode) End Function Use it like this: Dim rootNode As NotesDOMNode Set rootNode = getRootNodeOf(nodeThatYouWantTheRootOf)

BAT file to launch Apache Axis 1.2 WSDL2Java in Windows

Created a simple BAT file to launch the WSDL2Java utility from a command prompt. Apache Axis can be used to handle web services, both requests and responses. It includes a tool called WSDL2Java, to create Java source files (data objects, service, locator etc) and from a valid WSDL file. The file WSDL2Java.bat below is a […]

Trouble adding file type in Windows Explorer

I had difficulties adding an extension to the ”Folder Options” dialog in Windows Explorer. I opened the dialog as usual via the ”Tools” menu in Windows Explorer. In the ”File Types” tab, I pressed ”New”, to add a new extension. It worked fine, showing up in the ”Registered file types” list. But, when closing the […]

Handling cross browser JavaScript events

If you want to get what button was pressed and do something with it, read on. Event handling in web browser are somewhat hard to code, since the different browsers uses different ”standards”. I showed you how to keypresses in different browser in ”Handling cross browser key press events in JavaScript”. To handle events that […]

Episode III review

As a Star Wars fan, I have long waited until this day. Some spoilers here… One of my brothers kindly bought a ticket to me for the premier night (thanks miltex 😉 at Heron City in the southern part of Stockholm. The show should have started 23.59, but as always, it was a few minutes […]