Another goodie – TaskSwitchXP

Via Ned Batchelder, I found TaskSwitchXP, which is very useful! I often have a zillion windows open, and the normal task switcher is not good enough to distinguish different instances of applications and windows. I’ve tried other similar addons, but this is both fast and very customizable.

Venkman – JavaScript debugger extension for Firefox

Via Tom, I found Jim Andertons blog, which mentions Venkman. It is a JavaScript debugger, that can be used to find those irritating small typos and bugs (not written by me of course ;-). It seems to be a jewel, and I will probably use it when I’m back from vacation!

Getting the root element node in XML using LotusScript

So I don’t forget the next time I want to do this, and trust me, I got a short memory! Dim xml As String Dim rootElementNode As NotesDOMElementNode xml = ”YOUR XML HERE” Set rootElementNode = parseXML(xml)._ getElementsByTagName(”THE ROOTNODE”).getItem(1) Public Function parseXML(xml As String) _ As NotesDOMDocumentNode ‘ Parses the specified xml. On Error Goto […]


Lättlagad och trevlig fruktkaka, som vanligt är det Fredrik som ska ha tack! #1dl socker #4 st ägg #2 dl torkad frukt #1 tsk salt #1 dl farinsocker #4 msk citronsaft #nötter #2 l whisky Ta fram en mellanstor skÃ¥l. Kolla whiskyn genom att smaka. Häll whiskyn i dl mÃ¥tt och drick. upprepa. Sätt pÃ¥ […]

Sending HTML mails via LotusScript

To send HTML mails in R6, you have to use the setContentFromText method in the NotesMIMEEntity class. To add inline images, use the setContentFromBytes method in the same class, like this: Dim session as New NotesSession() session.convertMIME = False ‘ Do not convert to rich text Dim currentDb As NotesDatabase Set currentDb = session.currentDatabase Dim […]

Bye, bye Nedstat/Webstats4U

The hit counter tool I’ve used on this site, Nedstat, has changed their name to Webstats4U and changed their service. One thing they’ve changed, is that they now show pop up windows for every user. Me no like. Me thinks they suck. Me no more of them see. 😀 In short, I have removed the […]


Fick denna av Fredrik, tackar!!! 😀 PÃ¥ ett företag hade fem kannibaler anställts. Första arbetsdagen säger chefen: – Ni har nu fast arbete, ni tjänar bra och ni kan äta i vÃ¥r matsal, sÃ¥ lÃ¥t nu de andra vara ifred, OK??? Kannibalerna lovar att inte röra kollegorna. Efter fyra veckor kommer chefen igen och säger: […]