Changing DNS name on a Sametime 6.5.x server

I have recently changed the DNS name of a Sametime server, this is what is necessary to get it working. hosts This file usually exists in c:winntsystem32driversetc or c:windowssystem32driversetc. Make sure it is updated with the new DNS name of the server. The entries should look something like this: localhost should […]

BAT file for starting Apache Xalan from a command prompt

Apache Xalan is a XSLT processor that transforms XML documents into other formats (text, (X)HTML, or other XML). Here is simple file that should be put in the root directory of Xalan (my is C:JavaSoftApachexalan-j_2_6_0), and can be invoked like this: cd C:JavaSoftApachexalan-j_2_6_0 xalan.bat samplesSimpleTransformbirds.xml samplesSimpleTransformbirds.xsl samplesSimpleTransformout.xml There is only two lines above, I had […]

Hello World in XSL-FO

My first try on using XSL-FO. XSL-FO (or XSL) is a XML-based language to format data for output on paper. It is like CSS but for paper. The attachments are my first trivial trial on the matter. I used Apache FOP to transform the file into HelloWorld.pdf. It only requires JRE 1.2.x or later, […]

My Gentoo installation on VMware (so far)

I’m in the middle of building the system in Gentoo on a VMware Workstation, and it seems to work! The folks at Gentoo has published a great handbook, which I followed. I chose to start with stage 1, since I have installed some Linux systems before, and wanted to get a deeper insight in how […]