Jaybird Bluebuds X earphones

I just bought a pair of Jaybird Bluebuds X Midnight Black from MrGizmo in Stockholm. I have always had problems with in-ear earphones since my ear canals is a bit bigger and deeper than what most manufacturers think is normal. Reading a few reviews of the Bluebuds made me reconsider trying yet another in-ear ones, […]

HOWTO: Install Shoutcast 1.9.8 on Ubuntu 8.0.4

If you want to stream your own radio station, Shoutcast is an easy solution. This little HOWTO focus only on the server part, and not on the actual audio/feeding client part. I recommend reading ShoutCast Streaming for beginners and Streaming radio with ShoutCast and WinAmp to get the hang of the audio part. Install Download […]

Really cold today

The sun was shining, and it was a perfect day for a walk on DjurgÃ¥rden. But it was a bit cold! About -10 degrees Celsius, so the long underwear was a must. Took some nice pictures before seeing the musical ”Mamma Mia!” at Cirkus, where photographing was forbidden. We had nice seats, just 10 meters […]