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EventGhost (tags: htpc remote software windows automation event control tool) Flickr-related Software (tags: flickr generator photo tool set)

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JetPhoto – digital photo organizing, creating, sharing and publishing software (tags: photography GPS flickr software Windows organize tag album Flash)

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Hard disk drive cloning and image backup software: computer files and disk copy (tags: clone backup harddrive windows tool image restore)

MySQL 5 Stored Procedures Cheat Sheet

I will add more when I stumble upon commands I can’t remember the syntax of. To list all stored procedures: mysql> SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS; Example output (with cropped dates and times for readable table): Db Name Type Definer Modified Created Security_type Comment mydb store_user PROCEDURE root 2007-0.. 2007-0.. DEFINER mydb store_cart PROCEDURE root 2007-0.. 2007-0.. […]