HOWTO Restart shoutcast if inbound stream is lost

This is a simple way to get Shoutcast restarted (tested in Ubuntu 8.04) if the inbound stream is lost. You need Lynx installed for this to work, there might be better ways of achieving the same result though. To install Lynx: $ sudo apt-get install lynx Put in file in /usr/bin: #!/bin/bash ONLINE=$(lynx -dump […]

HOWTO Edit your crontab with Emacs

Another ”wee” tip. I had a hard time doing this right… Put emacs in the EDITOR shell variable: $ EDITOR=emacs $ export EDITOR and add the following to your ~/.emacs: (set ‘temporary-file-directory ”/tmp”) Now, edit the crontab file via: $ crontab -e Edit and save the file, and you should get a response from crontab: […]