Blog 2002-11-27 00:30:04

I am about to release the long awaited first version of Log4LS. Tip: sign up on the log4ls-announce list to get notifications about the project.

Blog 2002-11-21 23:58:19

I have tested some different applications that runs a ”virtual” PC, like Connectix Virtual PC and VMware Workstation. The problem is that they are expensive. I want them for private use, and 2500 to 3000 SEK (around 250 to 300 EUR) is too much for such a ”toy”. I recently bumped into Bochs, and the […]

Blog 2002-11-02 11:35:14

Added a project idea at org.openntf.DatabaseDesign. Hope someone will vote for it… I also added a feature request to the ServletMaid project. Changed the notes.ini reference URL and added Notes/Domino registry reference to Invaluable URLs. Thanks for pointing out the old URL, Darren.

Short tip: Sending binary data from an agent

The implementation of agents in Domino makes it impossible to send binary data with the getAgentOutput in Java or the print function in LotusScript. There is two ways to ”mimic” the sending of the binary data: Create a temporary document and attach the binary data as a file and redirect the user to it Use […]

Short tip: Get the source from a Java agent

All Java agents have an attachment named ”%%source%%.jar” which contains the source of the agent in a Jar file. There is also a compiled version, with the name ”%%object%%.jar”. These are reqular attachments, so you can use a URL like$FILE/%%source%%.jar?OpenElement and$FILE/%%object%%.jar?OpenElement to download them with a browser. You must have reader access to […]

Ping with time and date from bash

Here is a little .sh-script to use in bash to ping a server and showing the date and time. (This ”hack” probably only works in Windows.) Great if you want to get a log of the pings that does not reach the destination. I am a beginner in bash, so please let me know if […]

Blog 2002-11-01 00:38:23

Found the ServletMaid tool at, and it looks promising! The idea to deploy the servlet automatically is superb when developing and testing! Maybe I can contribute with something…