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Aptera Electric Typ-1 e – Video Test Drive – First Look Details and Slideshow – 300 MPG – Popular Mechanics (tags: electric car hybrid aptera design Prototype efficient environment)

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ruddammsv – Ruddammsvägens samfälligheter och Bredband i Säby ek.förening (tags: ruddammsvägen bredband säby förening fiber samfällighet)

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Apache Ant Best Practices – (tags: ant apache java build best practice) Backing up Subversion Repositories with Windows Script Host (tags: backup subversion svn windows wsh script incremental full copy dump svnadmin log)

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Installing Ubuntu 7.10 Under Virtual PC 2007 « Arcane Code (tags: ubuntu virtualpc linux howto install windows virtual pc mouse)

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nLite – Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation (tags: windows XP slipstream combine automation disk tool install)

Bad user experience (again) at

When trying to buy a new map on, I got this message: Something went wrong:: * No account found with this e-mail address or password x@y.z however is registered in the NL site. You can either create a new account in the current site – you have to pick a new username/emailaddress – or […]