Parse keys and values from a URL with @Formula

Normally, when you want to get a value from a list, depending on another list, you can use @Member, like this: fieldList:=”FirstName” : ”LastName” : ”FullName”; valueList:=”Johan” : ”Känngård” : ”Johan Känngård”; @SubSet(@SubSet(valueList; @Member(”FullName”; fieldList)); -1) The example above returns ”Johan Känngård”, as it has the same index in the lists as ”FullName”. If you […]

URL decode/encode a String in LotusScript

These are useful functions when you are dealing with URL encoded URLs or POST data. Public Function urlDecode(s As String) As String If Len(s) = 0 Then Exit Function Dim i As Integer Dim tmp As String Dim c As String For i = 1 To Len(s) c = Mid$(s, i, 1) If c = […]

Properties and methods of OLE classes in Domino Designer

The Domino Designer can show you the properties and methods of the any OLE class in the design pane. For instance, to get help about the XMLHTTP class, select ”OLE Classes” in the ”Reference” tab. Scroll down to ”Microsoft XML, v4.0” and expand it. Scroll down to ”XMLHTTP” and expand it. Voila!

Using LotusScript and MSXML to access a Domino site

This is a follow-up to the ”Getting a HTML page on the web from LotusScript”, where I showed how to get the contents of a web page with a GET. In the ”Using raw HTTP to access restricted Domino areas” and ”Using SSL in Java to access a Domino site” articles, I told you how […]