Blog 2003-02-26 23:01:17

Mike Golding wrote about Smoking in public. I absolutely agree with you, Mike! There is nothing that angers me more, than the arrogant smokers that are everywhere! In Sweden, there are discussions (soon-to-be laws?) of having the restaurants and pubs disallow smoking, but the owners complain that they will get fewer customers. If there is […]

FlagSet class in LotusScript

This class is great if you are handling any type of ”flags”, like the $flags field in design documents. The class seems very simple, but more easy to read than String operations like mid / left etc. Can be used like this: Dim flags As New FlagSet(”abcde”) Print flags.isFlagSet(”a”) ‘ Will be true Print flags.isFlagSet(”x”) […]

ProgressBar class in LotusScript

This is a very simple class, to let the user (in Notes) know how long to wait for an operation. Can be used like this: Dim i As Long Dim p As New Progressbar(100, 10000) For i = 0 To 10000 Call p.update(i) Next i

NumberRange class in LotusScript

Todd Harris kindly told me of an error in the constructor, thanks! The attached code has been updated accordingly! The NumberRange class makes finding overlaps and inclusions of a range of numbers easy. Use it like this: Dim range1 As New NumberRange(12, 25) Dim range2 As New NumberRange(20, 500) Dim range3 As New NumberRange(13, 15) […]

Blog 2003-02-25 23:37:24

Added Ferdy Christant, John Z Marshall and Steve Castledine’s Domino Blog to the Invaluable URLs. Have to create a more dynamic links section, as my idol Christoph has

URL class in LotusScript

I often want to parse URL Strings in my LotusScript agents, and I am using my home-brewed URL class to extract information like protocol, host, port, query, arguments etc. It can be used like this: Dim url As New URL( _ ””) Print ”url: ” + url.toString() Print ”protocol: ” + url.getProtocol() Print ”host: ” […]