Building an HTPC

A list of my requirements so far. I am about to build an HTPC. I have not started buying anything, because I want to plan everything in detail and read all there is about it. Good looking box Silent DAB radio reciever HDTV prepared (also progressive scan) DVI output, TV output Digital TV (for Swedish […]

Small adjustments

I added a search field and button to search this site via Google, removed ”Recent Articles”, removed categories list from documents, so search engines will index the pages more correctly.

My Belkin Nostromo N52 settings for FarCry

If you like FPS’s, then you’ll love Belkin’s Nostromo N52! I have used it for a couple of months now, and it rocks! I don’t get as tired in the left hand/arm as before, and the different shift states makes access to commands very quick. Attached are my settings as defined by the default FarCry […]

Incredibly small WindowsXP-capable handheld

I want it! I stumbled upon OQO model 01, that is a very small handheld PC! Instead of carrying around a laptop of some kilograms, this device weigh under 400 grams! Too bad it’s too expensive… But in a year or so 😀

Transforming XSL-FO into HTML with XSLT

Great if you have some .fo or .fop files you want to transform into HTML. The attachment is a freeware XSL file from RenderX that can be used to transform XSL-FO into HTML. Use it with Apache Xalan (for Java) like this: java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -XML -in -xsl fo2html.xsl -out file.html Of course, as XSL-FO […]