HOWTO Edit your crontab with Emacs

Another ”wee” tip. I had a hard time doing this right… Put emacs in the EDITOR shell variable: $ EDITOR=emacs $ export EDITOR and add the following to your ~/.emacs: (set ‘temporary-file-directory ”/tmp”) Now, edit the crontab file via: $ crontab -e Edit and save the file, and you should get a response from crontab: […]

Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Beta 1 released

Some of the changes I love is tagging and message preview with the new mail notification. Note that it’s a beta, and it has some flaws… But that shouldn’t stop you, go get it now! [tags]Mozilla Thunderbird[/tags]

Your public IP address

If you want to know what your public IP address is, it’s here: There are several reasons why you would like to know this, but one reason might be that you are using a ISP that has DHCP enabled, and your IP-address changes once in a while. Another might be if you are on […]

User Agent Switching plugin for Mozilla Firefox

After I upgraded to, I could not access certain sites. One of them said that my browser was too old, and I had to upgrade to at least Firefox 1.0 or Internet Explorer 6.0. If I only had Opera installed, I could fool the site by switching the User-Agent that is sent with every […]

Mozilla Firefox is out!

It’s now released, and not only pre-released 😀 The release notes and the detailed list contains a bunch of bug and security fixes. So go and grab it! Note that the about dialog is the same as in the pre release. [tags]Mozilla, Firefox[/tags]

VNC with encryption and file transfer

I have used the free edition of RealVNC until I did some research about how to get the connection encrypted. I have tried RealVNC Personal Edition with encryption, but it doesn’t have built in file transfer capability. Meet UltraVNC! It is GPL‘ed, has encryption and built in file transfer! [tags]VNC[/tags]

Mozilla Firefox

I got it via the automatic update system, but it doesn’t mention it on the official website. I found a release candidate of on the FTP site though. Strange… Not so strange after all, it’s all explained in the ”What the heck is with this update?” article at

Additional two great extensions for Firefox

FLST is an extension, to be used in Mozilla Firefox. This one makes sure that the tab you selected last is selected when you close a tab. It can also be used to cycle through all tabs as a slideshow. Duplicate Tab adds a context menu item when right clicking on a tab, that lets […]

Another goodie – TaskSwitchXP

Via Ned Batchelder, I found TaskSwitchXP, which is very useful! I often have a zillion windows open, and the normal task switcher is not good enough to distinguish different instances of applications and windows. I’ve tried other similar addons, but this is both fast and very customizable.