Running with Jaybird Bluebuds X

I took a 7km run today with the Bluebuds X from Jaybird. What impressed me the most was the perfect fit for my ears! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t loose them from my ears! I used the under-ear fitting, and collected the cable using the special clips in the package and let the cable follow the back of my head and neck. The cable was always smoothly following my head without getting stuck on my skin. Selecting a new song or changing volume was a bit awkward since the controller was at my neck/ear, but after a few times it didn’t pose any problem.

The sound is great, even when running! Perfect fit means great bass!

The earbuds makes every surrounding sound muffled, so be very careful when crossing streets. You might not hear every car on the street! I almost got hit by a bicycle, but that wasn’t the Bluebuds’ fault.

Other in-ear earphones make my ear hurt after awhile, but I hardly felt the Bluebuds at all, not even after my 7km run.

This run was also the first with the Wahoo Blue HR, the heart rate strap with Bluetooth, that connects to the phone. I’ve now ditched my Garmin training watch in favour of the phone and Wahoo setup.