Moving (partly) on

Very exciting times! I am getting a new part-time position internally on B3IT, which will be both a challenge and a great opportunity to try something new! I’ll keep you posted!

A sad day

I bought my Vibra FiveFingers KSO Black in March 2010 and I have used them ever since on all training and running events. In the winter, I have used a pair of ”normal” shoes with spikes. I have no statistics on the KSO, but my guess is I ran about 1200 kilometers in them. But […]

Midnattsloppet 2013 Result

1:03:25 was yesterday’s result, I am so happy I got under 1:05 since I haven’t trained that much. As always, the course was easy the first 3km, with almost all flat or downhill. The scenery and mood at the water by Norra Hammarbyhamnen always make my feet lighter. The rsteep clinb up to Sofia church […]

This year’s Midnattsloppet will be my worst ever

Having a little baby has made me lazy. He is now 4 months old, and I have on average run one time a week in that time, and no longer than 7km. Today’s event, Midnattsloppet, is 10km (one Swedish mil), and I will not break any records. I have started in Midnattsloppet several times, in […]