Blog 2002-12-30 14:31:40

The stylesheet problem that Mozilla browsers had with this site a while ago is fixed. Before, I used a page with the CSS information, now I use a LotusScript agent that prints out the complete stylesheet with a ”Content-Type: text/css”-header. Thanks to Laurent de Walick for pointing out that the problem was with the content […]

Short tip: Sending a SMTP mail from an agent with JavaMail

Sometimes, Domino’s mail capabilities is not enough, or you want to have more control of the SMTP communication. I recently bumped into the JavaMail API, and it is a framework for handling mails. Sun even have a reference implementation of the mail standards like SMTP, IMAP and POP3. The JavaMail JAR files loads the reference […]

Blog 2002-12-18 02:11:42

Added som code snippets in the Code Bin at Created a new project idea, Ypaid a couple of days ago. Added Christoph Arras superb Domino tech news watch to my Invaluable URLs!

Short tip: Using SSL in Java to access a Domino site

You have to download JSSE (if you have J2SE 1.4 it´s built in). JSSE requires J2SE 1.2 or higher, so it can not be used in R5. Put the JSSE-jars (jsse.jar, jcert.jar, jnet.jar) into the classpath and use something like this (it can be rewritten to work with arguments from the command line): import; […]