Log File Roller For Microsoft Windows

A simple log file roller, that rolls/rotates a file from FILENAME.0, to FILENAME.1, onwards to FILENAME.9. If FILENAME.9 exists, it is deleted. Can be used to keep log files small and managable, and delete old ones. The code is not pretty, I could not get it work with loops. If anyone has a better way […]

Mozilla Firefox is out!

It’s now released, and not only pre-released 😀 The release notes and the detailed list contains a bunch of bug and security fixes. So go and grab it! Note that the about dialog is the same as in the pre release. [tags]Mozilla, Firefox[/tags]

VNC with encryption and file transfer

I have used the free edition of RealVNC until I did some research about how to get the connection encrypted. I have tried RealVNC Personal Edition with encryption, but it doesn’t have built in file transfer capability. Meet UltraVNC! It is GPL‘ed, has encryption and built in file transfer! [tags]VNC[/tags]

Mozilla Firefox

I got it via the automatic update system, but it doesn’t mention it on the official website. I found a release candidate of on the FTP site though. Strange… Not so strange after all, it’s all explained in the ”What the heck is with this update?” article at developer.mozilla.org.

Applications and tools I use (almost) daily

I’ve done this before, but it’s time for a new list with a selection of the tools and applications I’m using: jEdit, text editor written in Java with BeanShell execution support, edit modes, syntax highlightning, seearch and replace with regular expressions xplorer2 Pro, The Windows Explorer replacement, with a multitude of shortcuts and features Process […]

WinHTTPRequest COM object options constants

I have tried to search for the literal values of some of the options to WinHTTP that handles SSL server certificates errors. In my case I have a development server that has a certificate with the wrong name in it, and I want to ignore the usual ”The host name in the certificate is invalid or does not match” error. At last, I find the values to use!

Varför just 19.00?

DN skriver att man måste uppdatera sina Windows-system innan kl. 19.00 idag, annars blir man attackerad av hackers. Vad sjutton menar de med det??? Varför just 19.00? Microsoft har lagt upp en sida om det hela.