Extracting a WINMAIL.DAT attachment from an e-mail

Do you also hate WINMAIL.DAT sent to you by people with Outlook? Found WMDecode, that extracts the attachments from a WINMAIL.DAT file. Quite handy! Too bad Outlook doesn’t in full use the well known MIME standards. You might want to take a look at Julian’s nice little Java agent, that does the trick too! It […]

Handling cross browser key press events in JavaScript

This is something that I use to catch presses on the return key, so I can submit a form easily. nn=(document.layers)?true:false; ie=(document.all)?true:false; function keyDown(e) { var evt=(e)?e:(window.event)?window.event:null; if(evt){ var key=(evt.charCode)?evt.charCode: ((evt.keyCode)?evt.keyCode:((evt.which)?evt.which:0)); if(key==”13″) document.forms[0].submit(); } } document.onkeydown=keyDown; if(nn) document.captureEvents(Event.KEYDOWN); Further reading: Key Press Event Handling, The JavaScript Event Model: Part Two, page 8 – Keyboard Events. […]

Toolbar functions 1.1

Chad has released a new version of the Toolbar functions It now remembers the last action that was performed. Nice when I test the same agent over and over, it saves me one mouse movement 😀

Edit document fields 5.0

Chad have released version 5.0 of the Edit Document Fields smarticon I love this tool! It’s very rare that a day goes by without me using it! You can add, remove and edit fields with it.

Create/rename a file/folder that begins with a dot in Windows?

Many programs needs folder names that starts with a dot, like .emacs.d, .gimp-2.2, .jedit etc. How do I create such a folder? When using the Windows Explorer in Windows 2000 (and other versions), I get an error message saying ”Du måste skriva ett filnamn.” in Swedish, it’s ”You have to enter a filename” in English. […]