Miniature landscape

2005-08-11 17.28.24, originally uploaded by kanngard. After some rain, the stack of sand turned into an interesting landscape.

I (almost) love Flickr

Ok, I admit I am once again a bit late with this new stuff. I have seen a few bloggers out there publishing posts with great photos, one of them being Justin Knol. In the past, when sharing photos with friends and family, I had to upload them to my Domino server and hope that […]

Take a preview look at my new non-Domino based blog

You can find it at Why not use Domino anymore, you might ask? Well, it’s time to try something new, and PHP is my current choice. I use WordPress as the blog engine, and will use my own dbfile plugin for handling ”attachments” to blog entries and the Chenpress plugin to get nice input […]

LotusScript Group class

I might be a bit late with this information… The Sandbox has a great Group class that can be used to extract nested group members. I have implemented my own algorithm for this, but the one in the Sandbox contains checking of illegal nested groups (that is group1 is a member in group2 and group2 […]