Ant tasks for processing DXL

Ant task for processing DXL DXL DXL is the Domino XML Language, that makes importing and exporting both data and design to a Domino/Notes database easy. Because it’s XML, it can be transformed into other XML documents and also into other forms. The DXL processing components are supplied with the R6 release, but in R5, […]

My Checkstyle configuration file

Checkstyle is a tool that helps project members to follow coding conventions defined in the project. I love it, since it’s hard, even when I’ve set the rules, to actually follow them. By using Checkstyle, preferrable with Apache Ant”, I get all my coding errors listed in front of me. Attached is my Checkstyle ”check” […]

Using VB.NET to login to a Domino site

Here is a short example of logging in to a Domino server using Visual Basic .NET. Dim postData As String postData = ”username=MyUserName&password=mysecretpassword1234” Dim request As HttpWebRequest Dim response As HttpWebResponse request = CType(WebRequest.Create(””), HttpWebRequest) request.ContentType = ”application/x-www-form-urlencoded” request.ContentLength = postData.Length request.Method = ”POST” request.AllowAutoRedirect = False Dim requestStream As Stream = request.GetRequestStream() Dim postBytes […]

Minimal example of transforming XML into text

XSLT is a powerful language to transform XML documents into other documents or plain text documents. Attached to this ”article” are three files. The .wsf-file is a Windows Scripting Host file, that contains some VB-script to apply the XSL-file to the XML file. Just double click it in Windows, and it should display a dialog […]

Common Ant build file and sample build file

I’ve always copied a template Ant build file to get the functionality I wanted in the Ant files, but after reading ”ANT’s finally a real build tool” (alternate) by Mike Spille, I have now created a common build file, that is used in all my projects. The file is attached to this ”article”, put it […]

Blog 2004-04-22 08:22:29

How do you close a DOS or a Bash window? With ”exit”. How do you close the Domino server at the console? With ”exit”. Who do you think closed all applications, wrote ”exit” in all his Bash windows and (by mistake) wrote ”exit” in the Administrator console and did not sleep very well last night? […]

Blog 2004-04-20 01:26:59

Tried installing KDE 3.1 in Cygwin, with the help from the KDE-Cygwin installation guide. I ran into one problem, that had to do with the root mount point being mounted in text mode. I solved it thanks to their FAQ, after doing a umount -u / (the suggested umount -s / did not work for […]