Blog 2003-09-24 23:45:51

I LOOOVE you, Jake! You made me aware of LiveHTTPHeaders for Mozilla. It really rocks the world! Earlier, I had to rely on a home-brewed Java-application, that could read the HTTP headers from an HTTPS (SSL) site, but now I don’t have to bother! Please let me know if there is any interest in the […]

Short tip: Getting swedish characters in GNU Emacs in Cygwin

I have just started learning the GNU Make/GCC/GNU Emacs (in terminal mode) combination, and ran into trouble when using swedish characters in GNU Emacs. I have previously worked with Emacs on the NeXT platform and on the ‘ol Amiga (in the MicroEmacs incarnation). But I never had this problem before. The solution was simply to […]

Blog 2003-09-16 23:21:31

I’m back! Some of you started wondering if I had given up the tips site, but I haven’t. I have been busy selling our old apartment, buying a new house, moving to our new house, going on holiday and hard working! I haven’t surfed my ”Invaluable URL:s” for a long while, time to do it […]